(50% off) IX Webhosting Valentine’s Day Coupon!

If you’re noticing an abundance of doe-eyed, lovestruck people walking around with heart-shaped arrows in their backs, it’s because Valentine’s Day is nearing, and Cupid is sniping people left and right like some kind of romantic assassin.
Well, at IX webhosting they’ve decided to show their love for both their customers and new people by creating the Super-Cute St. Valentine’s big Savings Coupon.
From February 7th to February 15th
Ix will be offering  Up to 50% discount on all shared hosting plans and Expert plans will be discounted to a seductively low $2.96! All you have to do is .
Here’s what you’ll want to do:
Whisper sweet nothings about the promotion on your blog.
Tell your E-mail lists about how dreamy we are (but DON’T spam!).
Talk romantically about the sale on relevant forums.
Refer your friends, family, and loved ones to us.
Say charming things about us on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms.
Direct your web hosting related traffic to IX Web Hosting and MAXIMIZE YOUR CASH!.
Thanks for being by our side. As an affiliate, we think of you as more than just a friend. You’re a trusted partner we keep very close to our heart.



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