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The next Month is Christmas, and the crazy holiday is coming. In fact, the last few days, many businesses have started a discount. Coolhandle Web Hosting company provide pre-Thanksgiving sales announcements, web hosting free first year!

coolhandle before this promotion has been host to have, and what $ 9.95 in the space, VPS half-price promotion, $ 1 trial alone service activities, etc., in order to meet the Thanksgiving, coolhandle the true essence of a free space, signs, original price $ 4.95 per month models of the start program is now in the first year free of charge, you need only pay $ 5.95 setup fee on the line. Converted into RMB 40 yuan less than before. Configuration space is infinite in size and capacity, but the establishment of the website only five, limiting the number of domain binding. Of course, a free domain name!Very nice.

Discount codes / coupons:

Just do not buy directly, I recommend here, the following is a normal link to the official Website:

Reward Details:Price $ 4.95 per month web hosting free start the first year, unlimited size and flow, binding domain 5, CP Chinese panel, to send a free domain name

Duration:2010.11.25 16:00 pm on Dec. 25 -2010 16:00 PM

Official Website:

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