$1.99 .com new and transfer coupon for godaddy

$1.99 godaddy coupon for .Com

1.99-dollar-godaddy-.com-coupon (new and transfer)

Godaddy 1.99  dollar .com domain registration for new and transfer.  You only can purchase domain  .com or transfer your domain to godaddy. each domain can be registered with the price of $ 1.99, only  credit card support, not paypal support.

1. Godaddy $1.99 coupon codes(Hurry up, only several days left.) :

visit here or 

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Reward Details:  godaddy 1.99 / year  to . Com domain. $1.99  .COM offer limited to one order per customer, and five domains per order.Expiration Date: User up to 10,000

Deadline: befor August  31, 2014

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